segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

Baixista do mês - Les Claypool

Nome: Leslie Edward "Les" Claypool

Nascimento: 29 de setembro de 1963 em Richmond, Califórnia, E.U.A

Bandas: Primus

1996-Highball with the Devil 
2001-Live Frogs: Set 1
2001-Live Frogs: Set 2
2002-Purple Onion
2006-Of Whales And Woe
2009-Of Fungi and Foe
1990-Suck on This
1990-Frizzle Fry
1991-Sailing the Seas of Cheese
1993-Pork Soda
1995-Tales from the Punchbowl         I
1997-The Brown Album
2011-Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People: Promo de Fromage   
2011-Green Naugahyde

-Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains
2004-The Big Eyeball in the Sky
-Electric Apricot
2005-Quest For Festeroo Soundtrack
2001-The Grand Pecking Order
1994-Riddles Are Abound Tonight

2002 - Rising Low
2002 - Various Artists - Live From Bonnaroo Music Festival 2002
2003 - Primus - Animals Should Not Try to Act like People (DVD/EP)
2004 - Primus - Hallucino-Genetics: Live 2004
2004 - Various Artists - Live From Bonnaroo Music Festival 2004
2005 - Les Claypool - 5 Gallons Of Diesel
2006 - Primus - Blame It on the Fish: An Abstract Look at the 2003 Primus Tour de Fromage
2007 - Les Claypool - Fancy
2008 - Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo

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