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Baixista do mês - Stanley Clarke

Nome: Stanley Clarke

30 de Junho de 1951 na Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bandas: Return to Forever, Chick Corea, Clarke/Duke Project, SMV

1973-Children Of Forever
1974-Stanley Clarke
1975-Journey To Love
1976-School Days
1977-I Wanna Play For You
1978-Modern Man
1980-Rocks, Pebbles & Sand
1982-Let Me Know You
1984-Time Exposure
1985-Find Out
1988-If This Bass Could Only Talk
1991-Live, 1976-1977
1992-Passenger 57, Music from the Motion Picture
1992-The Collection
1993-East River Drive
1995-At The Movies
1997-Bass-ic Collection
2003-1,2 To The Bass
2007-The Toys of Men
2010-The Stanley Clarke Band (fea. Hiromi, Ruslan Sirota and Ronald Bruner, Jr.)

Return to Forever

1972-Return To Forever
1973-Light As A Feather
1973-Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy
1974-Where Have I Known You Before
1975-No Mystery
1976-Romantic Warrior
1978-Return To Forever Live
1980-The Best Of Return to Forever

Clarke/Duke Project
1981-Clarke/Duke Project
1983-Clarke/Duke Project II
1990-Clarke/Duke Project 3
1993-Live in Montreux, 1988

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